At the Grammys!!!

At the Grammys!!!

We have started a GoFundMe Campaign to get our new album,

"Hellfire & Rescue" to the printers for distribution. A $20 or more contribution gets the new album delivered to your door.  Just click on the Facebook link here to go directly to the campaign page.

  • Thank you.

Here is some of where we have been and a little of what we've been doing.... 
so far...

January 13, Kilted Mermaid, Vero Beach. Fl.

February 12,  the GRAMMY'S Staples Center, Los Angeles. Our song, "I Will Not Say Goodbye" made it all the way to the nominating process... So we got to go and sit amongst the stars.

March 11th, Iron Oak Post, Melbourne, Fl.

March 17th, ST. Paddy's Day!!!Sebring International Speedway, Sebring, Fl.

March 18th, Kilted Mermaid, Vero Beach, Fl.

May 6th, Kilted Mermaid, Vero Beach, Fl.

May 13th, Hunkerdown Hideaway, Cocoa Beach, Fl.

June 17th, Bombshells Tavern,
Orlando, Fl.


June 23rd, Hunkerdown Hideaway,
Cocoa Beach, Fl.

August 11th, Kilted Mermaid, Vero Beach

September 1st, the Oasis, Melbourne Beach