We are a 5 piece band that mixes a multitude of instruments, (Guitars, bagpipes, viola, mandolin, banjo, trumpet, accordion, drums and anything else that may fall into our hands), with CELTIC PUNK and ALL AMERICAN ROCKABILLY!! 
We started in 2009 and have never looked back. 
Our song "I will not say Goodbye" was accepted and made it all the way to the nominating process for the 2017 Grammy Awards. (the White Stripes and Vince Gill nudged us out ) 
Our song "Coming to a Theater Near You" was awarded Alternative Rock song of the month by the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles. 
We were picked Band of the Month by Celtic Folk Punk magazine in Spain, for our first album "Hero Punk". 
And we have survived all injuries and set-backs along the way. 

Are we stopping ?
oh hell no.....